Katie ZimmermanCRNP

Katie Zimmerman

Katie  Zimmerman has worked as a nurse practitioner in gastroenterology for over 15 years. Before obtaining her master’s degree as a nurse practitioner in 1997, she worked as a surgical intensive care nurse for 4 years and a transplant surgical nurse for 2 years. She practiced in Alabama and Louisiana and settled in Northern Virginia in 2009 where she began practicing at Northern Virginia Gastrointestinal Associates. She has served as a research coordinator for several Hepatitis C research projects and as the facilitator for both IBD and Hep C support groups. She is an active member of the ACG, AANP, and VCNP.

Given her years of experience, Katie  Zimmerman specializes in caring for patients with acute onset gastrointestinal problems including abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, altered bowel habits, Crohns, and Ulcerative Colitis flares, GERD, etc. She is also experienced at caring for chronic hepatitis patients and managing treatment for Hep B and C.

Her services provide quick access to care when an unexpected illness arises as well as timely follow up appointments to discuss test results and treatment progress. She is able to evaluate patients, order diagnostic testing and prescribe appropriate treatment for the spectrum of GI illnesses.

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