Solesta® Injection Therapy

Procedure Questions

What is Solesta® Injection Therapy?

Solesta® is a gel-injection treatment for bowel incontinence. Solesta is composed of natural materials, dextranomer and sodium hyaluronate, and is similar in structure to the starches, sugars, and tissue in your body.

Procedure Bullet Points

Solesta® Injection Therapy:

  • Is safe
  • Well-tolerated
  • Is minimally invasive
  • Does not require sedation or anesthesia
  • Takes about 10 minutes
  • Is performed in-office

Your doctor administers Solesta® through injections into the wall of the anal canal. Solesta bulks up the tissue in that part of your body. The added bulk gives you more control.

You should look into Solesta® if you’re 18 or older, and simple treatments for bowel incontinence (diet, fiber therapy, medications) have failed.

Fasting or other special preparations aren’t usually required, but your doctor may advise otherwise.

Before Solesta® Injection Therapy, it’s important to inform your doctor of:

  • Any medication that you take regularly
  • Any known allergies to medication
  • Any medical conditions that will require special attention, such as;
    • diabetes
    • heart conditions
    • lung conditions
    • any other major condition

It’s important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions.

Your doctor will administer Solesta® in 4 injections to the wall of the anal canal. The injections are not painful and are well-tolerated.

  • You may resume limited physical activity immediately after receiving Solesta®.
  • You’ll resume your normal lifestyle after one week.
  • About 50% of patients show improvement after one session
  • Some patients may need to return for a second session
  • Optimal results appear 3 months after receiving Solesta
  • The effectiveness continues over time
    • Solesta® has shown effectiveness in patients 2 years out
    • Results are still being followed over a 3-year period
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